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Compassionate Counseling for Perfectionism, Eating Disorders, Anxiety and Depression

Why Flexible Mind
Flexible Mind Counseling Katie Lenahan LCPC

what is a flexible mind?

A flexible mind is a mindset that allows you to adapt to new situations and challenges by being open to new ideas and perspectives. It involves the ability to change your thinking and behavior to match the demands of different situations, and to learn from your environment in order to grow. 

Cultivating flexibility and openness can support in managing a variety of mental health concerns.

Flexible Mind Counseling PLLC

Therapy Services

At Flexible Mind Counseling PLLC, I offer a variety of therapy services tailored to meet your individual needs. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and facilitating new learning in a safe and supportive environment. 

Plant Flexible Mind Counseling PLLC Katie Lenahan LCPC

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth. We will collaborate together to build treatment to meet your specific needs and goals, using evidence-based approaches to promote healing and new learning.

Succulent  Flexible Mind Counseling PLLC Katie Lenahan LCPC

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a crucial aspect of professional development for therapists. I provide a supportive space for compassionate reflection, learning, and growth rooted in my intensive training in evidence-based treatment approaches and years of clinical experience.

Succulent Flexible Mind Counseling PLLC Katie Lenahan LCPC

Education and Training

Didactic training is a crucial component of clinical education. I have experience providing lectures, didactic seminars and interactive sessions both in the Chicago community and nationally on evidence based treatment for perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

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